Reporter. Writer. Speaker. Voice.


For the past decade, Michelle has sustained a high level of success through the public platform of sports. As her athletic career evolved to sports broadcasting, she has learned many valuable life lessons that she loves to impart upon others. This journey through a competitive space, has led Michelle to learn her life’s purpose and to lead a more enlightened, vibrant life through self-discovery. Communicating to the masses, she has learned to harness her gift of connecting with others, through the intricate conversations and moments that take place behind the scenes and the real conversations that don’t often make it to the television. It is her hope to inspire people beyond her public sports platform, by opening up thought-provoking conversations in intimate speaking environments, where her wisdom can be shared.

Keynote Topics:

  • Mental health- combatting anxiety and depression
  • Transforming self-judgment to self-love and self-acceptance
  • Finding confidence in a competitive environment
  • Bullying (adult and childhood)
  • Non-toxic lifestyle, skincare, and beauty
  • Wellness through mind, body, and spirit
  • Embracing what makes you different
  • Finding your voice in difficult environments
  • Waking up to your life’s purpose
  • Loss- moving forward in the loss of a loved one
  • Who are you really? The Ideal Self Project
  • Stepping into your power