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27 Pieces of Advice in 27 Years of Life

  1. BE YOURSELF and be real. In a cookie cutter world, it’s not easy to go your own way, but it’s important to stay true to the inner spirit of you, that makes you, YOU. Don’t try to mimic anyone else, do your own thing, and create your own path. Authenticity is an attractive quality across the board.
  2. Allow your passion to lead you to your purpose. If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, there’s a good chance you need to do some soul searching. Spend some time with yourself to figure it out. These things are fluid and often change. It’s never too late to reevaluate and change directions. The world is your playground, if you choose to see it that way.
  3. Happiness is not one dimensional. Don’t let one area of your life dictate your quality of life and ability to carry out a happy life.
  4. Your identity shouldn’t be one dimensional either. What you do shouldn’t define who you are as a person. Find a variety of things in life that make you happy and help shape who you are, so when one aspect of it falls by the wayside… you still have steady feet to land on.
  5. Success requires risk and sacrifice. There’s no way around it. Sometimes you have to jump before you fly. Sometimes you have to work extra hours, with no pay, because that experience is something you can’t put a price on. If you want to work in sports, be prepared to give up weekends, nights, holidays, and a normal social life. If that doesn’t sound appealing, reconsider if this is the right path to take.
  6. Focus more on the process, than the end result. The end result is often times ambiguous and not always what you will expect anyways. Don’t get too caught up in where you’re going… you’ll get there. Ifyou’re too worried about the future, you’ll lose sight of the moment. After all, it’s the accumulation of the present moments that make for a great future. Don’t neglect to live in the moment. This quote says it best, “Honor the space between what is no longer, and what is yet to be.”
  7. Enable the past to enable you (rather than inhibit you) to move forward with a clearer purpose. Everything happens for a reason. Jobs, people, events, and life’s circumstances come and go, and each have the ability to teach us something… trust in that. Learn, forgive, and be thankful for the lessons you wouldn’t have been able to learn otherwise. Be grateful for your past, rather than resenting it… the past has led you here and if you don’t like it, well change it for your future.
  8. Entitlement is an attitudinal cancer of our generation, do anything in your power to separate yourself from that notion. Don’t expect things to be handed to you, even if you feel like you’ve earned it. Reality is, if you’re young like myself, you probably haven’t earned anything yet. Instead of asking ‘why it’s not happening for you’, ask how you can be better and do more to help others.
  9. Do your homework. If you are not prepared, you will be exposed very quickly. Preparation is vital to create your base of knowledge. At the same token, don’t become too married to your research, being able to adjust on the fly and react on the spot is just as important. However, it’s easier to improvise when you’ve done you’re homework.
  10. Don’t be a victim of your current life situations and circumstances—life is happening for you, not to you. Life isn’t perfect for anyone. You have two choices; let your circumstances control you, or take control of them via your daily mindset, choices, and attitude. You’ll never be a victim once you realize: life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you. Plus, no one wants to hear me, you, or anyone complain.
  11. You’ve created your current reality. I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction, your past thoughts and beliefs about yourself have created your current situation and the people you’ve invited into these circumstances. It ultimately comes down to you. Take accountability to self-evaluate, make changes when necessary, and keep making a positive push each day.
  12. Respect those who have come before you. They have been alive longer than you, they likely know more than you, and they ultimately paved the path for you. Respect them, learn from them, and thank them for helping. Seek their advice, ask them to be your mentor, find a few you trust and LISTEN to them.
  13. Acquire self-awareness through your trusted mentors family and friends. It’s important to know how you come across to people through an honest perspective, and it’s important to be able to gracefully handle constructive criticism. Sometimes, the only way to get better is to face things we don’t always want to hear about ourselves, but absolutely need to hear from our trusted sources. Seek validation from your mentors, not social media.
  14. Be on time. It shows you value your time and more importantly shows you respect others’ time. Never give anyone a reason to think negatively of you in a very controllable situation.
  15. Always say thank you and express your gratitude toward others. I will always take the time to write a thank you note. People that have helped you deserve to feel your genuine gratitude.
  16. Spend more energy evaluating your integrity and inner-character, than your appearance. As John Mayer phrased it so perfectly on twitter, “If you’re pretty, you’re pretty, but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just, ‘congratulations about your face.’” He makes a valid point. Appearance is fleeting, character stays with you forever.
  17. Work in sports for the right reasons. The hours spent prepping behind the camera are tedious, time consuming, and hard work. The off-camera prep to on-camera “glamour” ratio of this job is about 90-10. If your main motivation is to be on-camera, you will burn out very quickly. If your intentions are genuine, it will show through your off-camera preparation.
  18. Be a team player. It’s not about you. That’s why I love sports. Learn to support your teammates when you’re in a less desirable back seat role and be prepared to shine when the spotlight turns to you. If you’re the same person in both roles, you’re doing it right. Make others feel important and valued in their role at work, in life, or in general. Be consistent in who you are and how you treat people.
  19. Don’t force anything in life. There’s a reason that door isn’t opening with that job, a person, a trip, whatever it may be. Trust that if it’s not meant to be right now, it’s leading you to a different opportunity that’s right for you. If you have to force it, take it as a sign and move on quickly. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Stay focused.
  20. When in the wrong (and sometimes even when you’re not in the wrong) take accountability, apologize quickly, and forgive even quicker. No one is perfect, and it’s not worth carrying emotional baggage with you. Even if you have been wronged, see the other side, be the bigger person and move on. Accountability speaks volumes about your character.
  21. Who you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of yourself. Choose your friends, agents, and mentors wisely. A sad reality of life is that not everyone will be happy for you, some may not have the best intentions or your best interest, ultimately some will disappoint you, and that’s okay. Smile at them anyways, thank them for the learning experience, and move on.
  22. Be humble, but stay strong. Accept criticism the same way you would accept compliments, it’s all helpful feedback. Feedback is a gift. Don’t overestimate your importance, but never downplay your self-worth.
  23. Life balance is imperative. Commit your time to things and people outside of your job and daily routine to create balance. When life gets out of balance, it’s often because we’re focusing too much on one element of our lives or too much on ourselves. It might help to dedicate time to things that make you happy outside of where you spend majority of your time and to shift your intention to positively impact others.
  24. You are enough. There’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way, or to act a certain way, or to be like someone else. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Again, if you focus on the internal qualities that make you beautiful, it will overpower external fleeting qualities.
  25. If you’re not fully happy with yourself, you will never be fully happy in a job, relationship, friendship, or any endeavor in life. Commit to constantly working on yourself and becoming the best possible version of yourself. It’s hard work, and requires daily attention, but is necessary to truly discover your life purpose.
  26. Happiness is elusive, don’t wait to be happy. Stop chasing happiness. Look around with what you have now, the people that are around you today, and in this moment. Nothing is going to “bring” you happiness… happiness is your choice. Your job can bring you fulfillment, but it can’t provide a complete happy life. Another person can bring you joy, but they can’t complete you. Money can bring fun experiences, but it’s meaningless if you’ve let loved ones fall by the wayside in the process of financial success. Don’t wait to be happy. Choose to be happy now, with the things you do have. Focusing on daily gratitude will surface your reasons to be happy today.
  27. Life is only as meaningful as the amount of people you positively impact, commit to being a good person. It doesn’t take much or cost anything to be kind. Nothing is guaranteed to us in life. We all have the ability in our daily interactions to make our current reality a better place.